Welcome to our video library for workouts and exercises for your back. This includes back workouts and back exercises for home, gym, cable, dumbbells, and more. 

Some of these videos cover mid-back, and others are focused on width (lats). So surf around, and choose the ones that fit your needs.

Chin Ups to Build Your Back Width

Dumbbell Pullovers for Back and Chest

Dumbbell Hip Thrust to Work Your Glutes

Dumbbell Rows to Your Back and Lats

Back and Bicep Home Workout

Home Back Workout

Pull Ups To Increase Your Back Width

One-Arm Rows to Build Your Back

Bodyweight Lat Pulls (Suspended Rows)

Hyperextensions on the Floor at Home

Back Hyperextensions

Hyperextensions for Back

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

Cable Machine Back Workout

Lat Pulldowns vs Pull Ups

Pike Push Ups

Dumbbell Lat Exercises for Back Width

Kroc Rows to Work Your Back and Width

Inverted Rows