How Many Calories Do I Burn Calculator

How Many Calories Do I Burn Calculator

You’re working out hard. You’re giving it your all to get in the best shape of your life! But you really want to know how many calories you’re burning with that hard work, right? You need a handy “how many calories do i burn calculator” so you can know precisely what your burn rate is!

How Many Calories Do I Burn CalculatorBut first, if you’re looking for calories burned over the course of a day, and not a specific activity, then click here to check your BMR, or basal metabolic rate. That calculates your calories burned over the course of an entire day.

Otherwise, if you are looking for calories burned by activity, then you’re in the right place!

The calculator below is very accurate to determine the calories you burn for a specific activity, and we’ve got the whole spectrum of activities covered. From fitness, to hobbies, to pastimes, and yes even sex, we’ve got you covered to calculate your calories burned.

So enter the data below, and you’ll know where you stand.

Calories Burned By Activity

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Counting Calories Works

There are some diets out there that say to ignore calories.

However, if you’re serious about weight management over the long haul, then you really need to have a basic understanding of your calorie intake, as well as your calorie burn.

You don’t have to become a scientist and do it as a part-time job, but keeping a general track of your calories will help you understand your weight guidelines specific to you!

Your Diet Routine Likely Repeats Most Weeks

Most of us have favorite foods that we eat on a weekly basis, if not a daily basis. We like the same 3 or 4 things for breakfast, and same for lunch and dinner. So knowing your general calorie intake is pretty easy math!

So if this is a typical day for you, then you have a basic idea on the calories you consume (and it does not have to be exact) – just an example:

Bagel, Turkey Sausage, Banana, Juice — 600 cal

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, no croutons — 600 cal

Protein Bar — 300 cal

2 Glasses of Wine — 250 cal
Sirloin Steak, Rice, Dinner Roll, Baked Beans — 1250 cal

TOTAL: 3,000 cal

So if you have a pretty typical routine, keep track of your calories. It’s best to do it on a spreadsheet if you’re serious about losing weight, but that is not a must.

And then, make sure you know your BMR so you know how many calories you burn in a typical day. This way you can keep a general track of your daily calorie surplus or deficit over time.

If you are looking to lose weight, aim for a daily calorie deficit of 500-1000 calories six days a week, with one cheat day each week. (1)

And if you do an activity during the day, you can use the how many calories do I burn calculator above to determine the calories you burn!

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