Welcome to our video library for shoulder workouts and shoulder exercises. Your shoulder muscles (deltoid muscles) are important for a balanced overall physique.

The videos below cover all three shoulder muscles: anterior, lateral, and posterior. These are medical terms for the front, side/lateral, and rear shoulder muscles.

And you’ll want to hit all three with equal focus to ensure a balanced and symmetrical look. We also have a range of shoulder exercises: dumbbell, cable, barbell, home workouts, gym workouts, bodyweight, and more.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Side Raises

Bent Over Lateral Raises for Deltoids

Front Dumbbell Raise

Side Dumbbell Raises

Standing Dumbbell Press for Deltoids

Shoulder Workout With Dumbbells

Iron Cross Shoulder Exercise

Archer Push-ups

Pike Push Ups for Working the Shoulders

Cable Shoulder Workout for Variation

Home Chest Workout With Dumbbells + Push-ups