Welcome to our video library for shoulder workouts and shoulder exercises. Your shoulder muscles (deltoid muscles) are important for a balanced overall physique.

The videos below cover all three shoulder muscles: anterior, lateral, and posterior. These are medical terms for the front, side/lateral, and rear shoulder muscles.

And you’ll want to hit all three with equal focus to ensure a balanced and symmetrical look. We also have a range of shoulder exercises: dumbbell, cable, barbell, home workouts, gym workouts, bodyweight, and more.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Side Raises

Bent Over Lateral Raises

Front Dumbbell Raise

Side Dumbbell Raises

Standing Dumbbell Press for Deltoids

Shoulder Workout With Dumbbells

Iron Cross Shoulder Exercise

Archer Push-ups

Pike Push Ups for Working the Shoulders

Cable Shoulder Workout for Variation

Home Chest Workout With Dumbbells + Push-ups

Bodyweight Dips for a Top Bodyweight Workout

Close Grip Push-ups to Build Your Pecs, Shoulders, and Triceps

Cable Shoulder Raise for Variation and Strength

Bodyweight Push Exercises

Inverted Push-ups

Shoulder Cable Pull

Effective Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises

Mastering Cable Shoulder Press to Build Your Delts