Circuit Training Exercises

Circuit Training Exercises

Circuit training exercises are some of the most popular forms of workouts done at home or in the gym. You and your gym buddies can perform these exercises together or you can also do this on your own.

Simply explained, circuit training is a fast-paced exercise regime that combines multiple exercises done one after the other in quick succession. Each exercise is done anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes in duration, depending on the assigned reps. 

Ideally, there should be at least 5 exercises included in your workout regimen.

Special workout equipment is typically not necessary, which is a really nice advantage.

Examples of Exercises You Can Use for Circuit Training

As mentioned, you don’t need any special equipment for circuit training exercises. This means that you can do this in the gym, at home, or anywhere you find comfortable and convenient. 

Take a look at the infographic below that illustrates some exercises you can include in your routine. 

circuit training exercises

The Benefits of Circuit Training Exercises

There are plenty of benefits you can get from these workouts, which is why they’re a great choice. And this is true whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been exercising regularly for years. And there are lots of exercises that you can build. (1)

Among its benefits are the following: 

Circuit Training Can Be Done Anywhere and Anytime

Most circuit training exercises do not require workout equipment. Therefore, you can do it practically anywhere. Because it’s an effective yet cheap form of exercise, circuit training gives you no excuse to miss out on your next workout session. 

Burn As Many Calories in a Much Shorter Time

One of the main advantages of circuit training is that you can burn a lot of calories within a certain period of time. There’s no rest period between exercises, so it’s a hybrid of resistance training and cardio. You’ll realize the benefits of both! 

You will most likely sweat just as much with several minutes of circuit training exercises as compared to an hour on the treadmill. 

More Muscles Are Targeted With Circuit Training

A typical routine will last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of exercises and reps you include. This is a challenging workout and you will definitely feel its effects on your muscles. 

And you’ll work a wide range of muscles, so it’s a really effective full-body workout. This is ideal, especially if you’re pressed for time.

Circuit Training Exercise Adds Great Variety

If you sometimes get bored while working out, especially when you do the same exercises over and over, then circuit training is for you. You can mix and match the different types of exercises and there will always be variations. This variety keeps things fresh and exciting.

Circuit Training Exercise


Improves Your Athleticism

This type of exercise routine can improve your athleticism also. It requires a lot of movement and motion, so timing is a key part of the routine. 

And it forces you to work a lot of muscles in a short time, and do this while in constant motion. So it’s a powerful form of resistance training plus cardio.

Summing Up the Power of Circuit Training

Some people mistake circuit training exercises as something easy and lacking intensity. However, once you try it out, you will realize how challenging it is compared to many other exercises. 

Your endurance, strength, and athleticism will be tested (and improved) with this type of workout. Circuit training certainly improves your aerobic fitness while burning a whole lot of calories at the same time. (2)

Circuit training exercises are easy to start and follow regularly because they can be done anytime and anywhere. And they don’t require any special equipment. They are effective in burning calories and improving your overall strength, too.

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