Mesomorph vs Endomorph

Endomorph vs Mesomorph

What is a mesomorph vs endomorph? A quick look at people’s physical appearance will help you to realize an obvious answer. Some people tend to be thin, others slightly built and muscular, and others soft and round.

These characteristics describe a person’s somatotype, commonly called the body type. Your somatotype can be ectomorph, as described by the first description. It can also be endomorph or mesomorph. But for most people, it’s a combination of two body types.

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That said, how can you tell the differences between an endomorph and a mesomorph?

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Mesomorph vs Endomorph By Definition

An endomorph may be described as someone with a muscular body type. 

On the other hand, a mesomorph is an individual with a body that appears more round and tends to convert calories into fat.

Most people are a combination of two body types, and do not fit into one simple category. And most adults in Western culture lean more to the endomorph body type, and this is evidenced by the staggering percentage of overweight and obese adults.

Here is a clear stat that demonstrates the vast expanse of our waistline over the decades:

In 1965, the obesity rate in the United States was 14%. In the year 2020, it is over 40%. This has a staggering financial cost due to the resulting health problems.  (1)

Endomorph and Mesomorph

Physical Characteristics

Using physical characteristics is the most common way of differentiating between endomorphs and mesomorphs.

Endomorphs generally carry more body fat, while mesomorphs are generally leaner and more naturally fit by comparison. An endomorph’s body tends to be slightly chubby and softer, whereas that of a mesomorph is more muscular and harder. 

Also, an endomorph body tends to adopt a pear-like or round shape. On the other hand, a mesomorph generally has a more rectangular physique. An endomorph’s midsection is large, while mesomorphs have shoulders that are wider than their hips.

The distinction between the two categories is easily identifiable by sight. 

Metabolism of a Mesomorph vs Endomorph 

Mesomorphs have a fast metabolism, while that of endomorphs is slightly slower. The fast metabolism explains a mesomorph’s tendency to quickly lose weight or maintain a lean weight, while endomorphs struggle to get lean.

The muscle cells of a mesomorph are also more active hence their tendency to appear more muscular.

Weight Gain and Weight Loss

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You’ve probably come across people who gain weight quickly but find it very hard to lose. Similarly, some people easily swing on gaining and losing weight without so much as a struggle. In this sense, people who appear to have won the lottery when it comes to their genes, are mesomorphs. The high metabolism of the mesomorphs translates to a naturally lean physique.

What do Endomorphs Need to get Lean?

Mesomorphs are generally lean. They do not generally need to exert much effort when it comes to leanness.

Weight Loss With PhenQOn the other hand, Endomorphs require strict diets and exercise routines to achieve a lean physique because of their body’s natural tendency to convert calories to stored fat. An endomorph, therefore, needs to consume a low-fat diet, and likely a low-carb diet. Their exercise regimes also need to be comprised of intense workouts due to their slow metabolism. (2)

The important lesson to be learned is that your genetics do not determine your reality! Your body will look and feel in direct proportion to way take care of yourself. And just because you might be an endomorph by genetics, does not mean you will be fat. You just need to work harder!

The distinctions between these two body types are vivid. Your general physique may easily fall into one of these categories. However, people do not always fall under one of these.

Most often, you will have a combination of more than one body type. For example, ecto-endomorphs have a body type that is a combination of ectomorph and endomorph. It is essential to identify your somatotype to reap maximum exercise benefits and effectively plan your diet.

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