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Losing weight with a ketogenic lifestyle can be extremely difficult, especially in the early stages. Most people often quit before seeing any results.

KetoCharge is a dietary supplement designed to ease the transition to the keto diet world. It has natural ingredients that help burn fat and restrict carb intake.

But what does it contain, what are its other benefits, and how does it compare with similar products? Read our in-depth KetoCharge review to find out.

Product Overview

What is KetoCharge?

Generally, your body uses sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates for energy. But overly consumption of carbs can lead to excessive weight gain.

You need to change your diet to solve the weight problem without excessive workout routines. That means cutting carbohydrate consumption and offering the body alternative sources of fuel.

That’s where KetoCharge comes in. This natural dietary supplement comes as a diet pill with low-carb content. It forces the body into ketosis, using stored fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. As you can guess, this helps you to lose weight faster than the usual intense workout routines.

KetoCharge contains glycine amino acids and a blend of ketones. It also has more ingredients that trigger ketones production, signalling the body to switch its energy source to fat (ketosis).

Main Takeaways

  • KetoCharge provides three significant health advantages over ordinary ketogenic diets
  • It triggers natural metabolism that liberates stored fat
  • Helps the body to quickly switch to ketosis using salts

Why is KetoCharge Gaining Popularity?

KetoCharge ReviewThe secret to KetoCharge’s massive popularity is primarily three things.

First, it increases ketone levels in your blood. Ketones are molecules that exist naturally in the body. They signal the body to switch from burning carbs for energy to using stored fat. While other supplements contain these molecules from other sources, KetoCharge triggers the body to produce them.

Second, KetoCharge guards against keto flu. Keto flu is an adverse reaction caused by switching to a ketogenic diet. You often feel nausea, constipation, and sometimes mental fog. It’s why most people quit or hesitate to switch to the keto diet.

KetoCharge helps combat this keto flu with a combination of salts and amino acids. While you can’t avoid it entirely, the supplement makes your body grow accustomed to keto faster. That makes the side effect wean off more quickly.

Lastly, KetoCharge promotes recovery from cheats. Most people trying out the keto lifestyle will often have days where they crave sweet foods. If you get tempted and have that cake, that becomes a sugary cheat and will kick you out of ketosis. Fortunately, KetoCharge can help you recover quickly and get back on track.

General Benefits

  • Burns body fat
  • Supplies the body with ketones
  • Induces easier ketosis
  • Boosts energy levels

Product Details

Brand Overview

Ted Tieken has been the CEO and founder of KetoCharge since its inception in 2014. The brand has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, the company is also a subsidiary of UK-based Wolfson Brands.

The company boasts a talented team of researchers with comprehensive knowledge of the keto diet. The team also has a combination of nutritionists, herbalists, and biochemists with years of experience in the industry.

According to the brand’s website, KetoCharge’s mission is to make a ketogenic diet tasty, low-sacrifice, and simpler. Its primary principles include affordability, convenience, taste, and nutrition.

Price and Buying Options

One KetoCharge container with 30 servings (equal to one month’s supply) costs $59.99. Two bottles plus one free cost $119.99, and three bottles plus two free costs $179.99.

The ketoCharge supplement is only available for purchase on the official KetoCharge website.


KetoCharge utilizes the power of:

  • Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Calcium Beta Hydroxybutyrate
  • Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate
  • Glycine

Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

Sodium BHB also known as sodium ketone salts, is an exogenous ketone supplement. It is a chemical molecule that mimics the effects of ketosis in your body. It contains energy-boosting properties that aid exercise and other forms of endurance.

The chemical compound is soluble in water and can decompose quickly. You will often find it in most nutritional supplements as an additive.

In KetoCharge, the Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate supports muscle functions and enhances cognitive functions. It also optimizes athletic endurance. (1)

Calcium Beta Hydroxybutyrate

Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is a form of salt known as Keto BHB or calcium ketones. It contains beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and calcium. The two chemicals, when combined, help your body transition smoothly through the keto-adaptation period with minimal side effects.

Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate strengthens the muscle, fuels the heart, and optimizes the brain’s activity. It makes the keto diet adaptation phase less severe.

Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate

Magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate is the most critical micronutrient in KetoCharge. It’s a naturally occurring chemical that offers energy whenever your body experiences a shortage of carbohydrates and sugars. It’s popular among almost all keto supplement formulators.

The BHB content is particularly beneficial for patients struggling with diabetes. It kicks in once your body runs out of carbohydrates or glucose.

Here are some benefits of consuming Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate:

  • Improving cardiac function
  • Preventing cancer cell growth
  • Promoting weight loss


Glycine is a non-essential amino acid that boosts your body’s metabolic process. With improved metabolism, you can better absorb all the BHB salts that KetoCharge contains.

Glycine is also an essential component of collagen, among other proteins. It helps reduce fatigue, improve the immune system, and regulate blood sugar levels. (2)

Highlighted Best Features

  • 30 servings per container
  • Aids in the weight loss process
  • FDA approved research
  • An effective energy booster
  • Alleviates symptoms of low carbohydrate levels, such as physical and mental fatigue
  • Contains healthy and beneficial ketone salts
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Stimulant-free
  • Soy-free
  • Vegan-friendly



Customer Experience

Unfortunately, the brand does not offer many customer reviews on the main website. However, we searched the internet and found a few from other sites.

Most customers were happy with their purchase. Some cited increased energy, with others noting improved weight loss. For example, one user wrote, “I’ve been taking Keto Charge for about a month now, and I have seen a difference in my weight. I’m down about six pounds, and my energy levels are excellent. I would definitely recommend this product.”

Another one, Rachel, said, “I started taking Keto Charge about two weeks ago, and I have lost four pounds already. It’s easy to take, and doesn’t make me feel sick like other keto supplements. I’m going to keep taking it and see how much more weight I can lose.”

KetoCharge Compared to Other Close Competitors

PRODUCT NAME KetoCharge PhenQ PhenGold
PROSSupports healthy weight lossBlocks fat productionNon-GMO, lactose-free and soy-free
Alleviates the keto fluSuppresses appetitePromotes healthy-looking skin
Enhances mental clarity and focusMade in FDA- and GMP-certified facilityContains high-quality and scientifically supported ingredients
Boosts energy levelsBoost energy levels and focusEnhances insulin sensitivity
Releases fat stores for energyBlocks fat productionIncreases metabolism
Decreased inflammationImproves moodAids in the prevention of heart issues
It may help with mood disorders like depression and anxietyImproves cognitive abilities and mood
60-day money-back guaranteeVegan friendly
Reducing hunger cravings
CONSOnly available on the brand’s websiteCan be expensive for some peopleNot suitable for people with caffeine sensitivity
It may cause side effects such as dehydration and constipationResults differ from user to userOnly available on the brand’s website


A ketogenic lifestyle can help you cut that stubborn excess weight faster. But it comes with challenges, such as preparing low-carb foods daily and battling unhealthy cravings. However, with KetoCharge, you get to stay in ketosis with ready pills and avoid the sugary cheats.

Remember to talk to a doctor before starting this supplement, especially if you have any health issues.

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David Williams

David Williams

A diet and fitness enthusiast, David is an ex-Army Airborne Ranger and Infantry soldier with decades of fitness and wellness experience. A West Point graduate with a degree in engineering, he focuses on technical research related to fitness, nutrition, and wellness. He loves the beach, and spending time with his wife and daughters.


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