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Top 7 Low Sodium Protein Powders [Upd. 2024]


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Low sodium protein powders are key if you’re watching your sodium intake, and still looking for a top protein powder to optimize your fitness. And consumers spend a great deal of money on protein powders that promise to make them feel healthier, lose weight, and add muscle. Little do they know that many times they’re unwittingly adding something unwanted to their body as they chase better fitness – excess sodium.

Research shows that out of the 81 protein powders tested, 70 of them contained a higher amount of sodium content than the nutritional facts identify. (1)

But why so much sodium content?

Many of these protein powders promise solid muscle growth. But some have high amounts of sodium. Excess sodium causes bloating, which tricks consumers into believing they’ve added muscle mass when they weigh themselves.

In this article, we’ll highlight the best low-sodium protein powders you can use, without worrying about the risks of high sodium.

Read on to learn more.

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How to Choose the Best Low Sodium Protein Powder

Before we jump to our top low-sodium protein powder list, here are some of the attributes to look out for. After all, if you go ahead and buy a low-sodium protein powder that falls short on these factors, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice.

  • Cost-benefit analysis: Because prices on different brands vary, it’s best to check which brand offers the best value. So focus on the cost per flavor and serving because these are the most significant determining factors on whether you’ll get the satisfaction you need. And always prioritize value, not price. 
  • Sugar content: You should remain mindful of a protein powder’s sugar content, especially if you’re trying to lose weight or are diabetic. A few grams of sugar make a difference.
  • Organic vs. non-organic: There’s an endless debate on the value of organic food vs conventional options. We suggest that if you desire organic products, you ensure they meet the designated standards because organic labels can be misleading.
  • Protein value: You’re buying a protein powder because of its protein content. So, the higher the protein content per serving, the more you get for your dollar. Even more, not all protein types are equal, so check the protein type in your chosen powder.
  • Sodium: You can find protein powders that contain no sodium or a minimal amount, which may vary between 10mg and 60mg. So, take into account your preferences. The FDA recommends 140 mg per serving and below. The different sodium types are sodium benzoate, sodium chloride, and monosodium glutamate. (2)
  • Taste and flavor: While this may or may not be a huge factor for you, consider it a bonus if you like your protein powder with a bit of flavor. Some protein powders have a chalky taste, so just keep this one in mind as you assess the list.

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for your low-sodium protein powder, let’s look into the best low-sodium protein powders in the market.

Best Low Sodium Protein Powders

100% Tri-protein - Crazy Nutrition

100% Tri-Protein

Ingredient Quality



Overall Score

Gold Standard 100% Casein - 8 Low-Carb Protein Powders for Healthy Muscle Building

100% Casein

Ingredient Quality



Overall Score

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein - 8 Low Sodium Protein Powders

My Protein

Ingredient Quality



Overall Score


1. Crazy Nutrition 100% TRI-PROTEIN

Crazy Nutrition Salted Caramel FlavourCrazy Nutrition’s 100% TRI-PROTEIN is a protein supplement that supports muscle recovery, burning fat, performance, and muscle growth. Its formula offers the body’s correct amount of protein for muscle development.

Furthermore, 100% TRI-PROTEIN contains six different protein sources released in three phases (hence the “TRI”). At each phase, proteins are broken down to aid in muscle growth, strength, and energy. The protein suits athletes and bodybuilders for lean muscle mass, better recovery, and gaining more strength.

Product Specification

This protein powder contains the following per serving:

  • Sodium: 0.19g per 30g serving
  • Fat-reduced cocoa powder
  • Fat: 0.92g
  • Sugars: 1.58g
  • Carbohydrates: 1.92g
  • 23.25g protein
  • 6mg DigeZyme® Enzyme Complex
  • 111.50 mg energy
  • Non-GMO

It’s among the best low-sodium protein powders, with 23.25g of protein content per serving. It even serves as a meal replacement shake.

Product Features and Benefits

This protein powder contains whey protein isolate, a critical ingredient that helps keep blood pressure in check and helps you shed excess body weight. In addition, the staggered absorption rate gives your muscles a steady supply of much-needed amino acids. It gives your body more strength and energy than the regular soy, hemp, and other whey protein formulas.

Three-phased Release

TRI-PROTEIN has a 3-phased release mechanism, so the protein is “dripped” over 24 hours. So your muscles are sustained and fed protein in a phased release, as opposed to one dose and done.

100% TRI-PROTEIN 3-phased Release
Tri-Protein 3-Phased Absorption

It comes in three (3) great flavors: 

  • Salted caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

Plus, the powder quickly digests, ensuring fast absorption, an added advantage in post-workout recovery. Also, its low sodium content is an added advantage making it a top low-sodium protein powder.


This Crazy Nutrition 100% Tri-protein costs approximately $62.80, with free shipping for orders above $50. Also, you can opt for a subscription that costs $50.24, saving you 20%.



2. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein

Gold Standard 100% Casein - 8 Low-Carb Protein Powders for Healthy Muscle BuildingRapid protein usage is necessary before and after exercise to help refuel your recovering muscles, but sometimes delayed digestion and absorption are also beneficial. Because casein proteins are acid-sensitive, they tend to thicken in the stomach.

Thus, it takes twice as long for the Gold Standard 100% Casein to break down.

The powder is excellent for muscle support as you sleep and after a workout. It delivers 24g of slow-digesting casein per scoop.

Product Specification

  • 1g fat
  • 1g sugar
  • 24g casein protein
  • 5g of BCAAs
  • 9g essential amino acids
  • Sodium 130mg

Product Features and Benefits

This protein powder contains high-quality ingredients that help you lose weight while keeping you feeling fuller for longer. In addition, it helps maintain muscle mass in the event of a calorie deficit.

Plus, the protein powder contains essential amino acids, which help maintain healthy muscles during muscle synthesis. Another standout feature is its low-carb/sugar content making it an excellent option for individuals on a ketogenic diet. Also, the Gold Standard 100% Casein is an excellent source of protein for lactose intolerant people.


A 2 lb container costs £44.99, and you’ll get free delivery on orders above £50. Enjoy 15% off the first order when you sign up for the Optimum Nutrition newsletter.



3. Impact Whey Protein

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein - 8 Low Sodium Protein PowdersExcellent for muscle support post-workout and during sleep. This faster-digesting, low-sodium protein provides a range of essential and non-essential amino acids that stimulate growth and recovery.

One reason the Impact whey protein stands out is its absorption rate in the body. That makes it an excellent choice for athletes because of its rapid absorption. And unlike other proteins on the market, this 100% whey protein concentrate contains no other proteins.

Product Specification

Each serving of the Impact Whey Protein contains:

  • 1g fat
  • 1g sugar
  • 25 grams of protein per serving
  • 3.6g glutamine
  • Sodium 0.13g per serving
  • 4.5g BCAAs

Product Features and Benefits

The Whey protein is a complete protein with all nine essential amino acids. It includes 3.6g of glutamine and 4.5g of BCAAs, a naturally occurring protein that helps build and repair new muscle.

Also, with just 103 calories per serving, 1g of carbohydrates, and 1.9g of fat, the Impact Whey protein is perfect for all, regardless of your fitness goal.

The recommended time to take the protein powder is 30-60 minutes post-workout – but it can be taken whenever you want.


250g of the protein powder costs £7.79 for a one-time purchase. You can also enjoy a subscription to swap your flavor anytime, control the frequency, and cancel anytime.



4. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

Gold Standard Whey Protein - The 6 Best Low-Calorie Protein PowdersThis Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% whey protein is among the most widely consumed protein powders on the market. While it comes with less protein and more fat per gram than peptides and isolates, it contains more ingredients offering health benefits like CLA, which aids in weight loss and phospholipids. (3)

Optimum Nutrition, in this case, gives what it promises. A dependable whey protein powder that’s inexpensive and tasty too. 

Product Specification

The protein powder contains the following:

  • Whey protein isolate
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Peptides
  • 1g sugar
  • 112 kcal calories
  • 1.2g fiber
  • Sodium 130mg
  • 0.5 saturated fat

Product Features and Benefits

This protein powder is quite well-known among athletes for being an affordable, high-quality protein. It wins our top pick in price, though it falls behind in macronutrient breakdown.

The main problem is a relatively high content of carbs and sugar. It may be fine for those on bulking or maintenance, but it may cause some difficulties for athletes who count every gram of carbs in their diet.

Still, it’s excellent in terms of its quality. The brand uses only natural ingredients; a great match if you are searching for protein with no extra additives but also like good deals.


A 5lb tab of the protein powder costs £14.99, and you’ll enjoy free delivery on orders above £50. There’s also a 15% discount on your first order when you sign up for a newsletter. 



5. THE Diet

The Diet Chocolate Brownie Flavour- 8 Low-Carb Protein Powders for Healthy Muscle BuildingTHE Diet comes fully loaded with well-researched, diet-specific ingredients. Its premium quality fast and slow-release proteins make the powder ideal for post-workout and any time to keep you saturated with all the protein you need.

To top it off, THE Diet comes in four great flavors: chocolate brownie, salted caramel, strawberry milkshake, and vanilla creme.

Created using the finest ingredients and expert filtration systems, THE Diet caters to your weight loss goals – while giving you a metabolism boost to help you get the most out of your training.

Product Specification

Here are some of this protein powder’s specifications:

  • Energy 352 kcal
  • Fat 1.5g
  • Carbohydrates 8.5g
  • Protein 76g
  • Sodium 0.64g
  • Cinnamon extract 0.6g
  • CLA 1.5g
  • Glucomannan 3.0g
  • Matcha Green Tea 1.5g

This ready-to-mix powder is a blend of Bacillus coagulans, enzymes, cinnamon extract, green tea, vitamin B5, choline, conjugated linoleic acid, and Konjac glucomannan is suitable for vegetarians.

Product Features and Benefits

The protein powder is a unique protein blend refined and purified to fuel your body and is scientifically proven to help grow and maintain your muscles. Furthermore, its pantothenic acid aids you in remaining sharp and on top of your game.

Another attribute is that it contains choline, which converts fat into energy by keeping your lipid metabolism regular, which is perfect for weight loss. Also, the protein powder contains an expertly developed enzyme blend that helps break proteins into amino acids.

You’ll also love that the Matcha green tea in the protein powder adds important polyphenols to the protein powder.


THE Diet retails at £42.24 with free delivery on orders above £65 and free UK delivery on orders above £45. Also, it’s important to note that some postcodes do not feature in this offer.



6. Naked Whey 100% Grass-Fed

Naked Whey - 8 Low Sodium Protein PowdersThe Naked Whey protein powder has high-quality ingredients with an outstanding balance in the nutrient breakdown. Plus, Naked doesn’t use extra additives.

Product Specification

  • 120 calories
  • 25g of proteins per serving
  • 3g carbs
  • 2g sugar
  • 2g fat
  • 45mg sodium

Product Features and Benefits

Naked Whey is sourced from grass-fed cows, which offers several health benefits. Each serving of the protein powder offers essential amino acids to build and maintain a lean muscle mass.

In addition, grass-fed whey contains high immune boosters like lysozyme, lactoferrin, and beta-lactoglobulin. The compounds improve the body’s response to fight against infections. (4)

In addition to boosting immunity, the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) helps preserve a lean muscle mass and enables you to burn more fat. Also, both CLA and omega-3 fatty acids support a better metabolism while improving your cardiovascular health.


It’ll cost you $94.99 for a 5lb tab. You don’t expect to buy first-class protein powder cheaply. It costs a little more if you wish to enjoy first-class quality.



7. Nutiva Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder

Nutiva - 8 Low Sodium Protein PowdersThis protein powder has organic whole raw hemp seeds with the oil expeller pressed. The process extracts 80% of the oil content from the seeds. 

Nutiva isn’t very tasty because it contains only one gram of sugar and is sodium-free. But you’ll love that it blends well with juices and other shakes.

Product Specification

  • 1 g of sugar
  • 3 g fat
  • 15 g protein 
  • 110 calories 
  • Sodium 0mg

Product Features and Benefits

Nutiva is among the best options for a no-sodium protein powder in this list. It is an organic plant-based supplement, which is, on top of that, relatively affordable among other vegan products.

The most exciting part about this protein is the source of it – hemp. It is pretty unpopular on the market but has some valuable benefits. In our case, Nutiva contains no sodium, so it may be a perfect match for athletes with some health issues forcing them to decrease their salt intake.

On the other hand, people who are searching for the highest protein content better skip this option. The serving size is 30 grams, but only 15 are protein. That is, unfortunately, the biggest drawback of most vegan supplements. On the other hand, if you want to increase your protein intake, even 15 grams of it make sense.

Another benefit of Nutiva is the absence of lactose. Athletes with stomach issues may not tolerate whey proteins well, but plant-based options can be a great solution.


A peak protein 16 oz tab costs approximately $20.99. The different flavors and options have different prices. Also, you can save more through the discounts they offer when you buy in bulk or have a subscription.



Benefits of Low-Sodium Protein Powder

Excess sodium intake primarily hinders the cardiovascular system, which is harmful to the kidneys, and may make you look plumper than you are. Here are some of the benefits to expect in taking low-sodium protein powders.

1. Keeps Blood Pressure in Check

Your blood pressure is the most severely affected when taking too much sodium. It may spike your blood pressure, leading to numerous heart conditions such as stroke in the long term. Thus, most people prefer to stick to low-sodium protein powders.

2. Bloating

You might experience bloating and other gastrointestinal issues with increased salt intake. So, switching to a low-sodium protein powder is advisable.

3. Swelling

Your level of swelling depends on your sodium intake, which controls fluid balance in the body. If you notice that the face looks plump, it could be a sign of too much sodium intake. It’s high time you switch to low-sodium protein powders.

The Bottom Line

Sodium intake is just as critical as healthy fats, proteins, and carbs intake, and curbing sodium intake is as crucial as curbing sugar intake.

To sum up, the eight protein powders we’ve reviewed are some of the best low-sodium options on the market. They’ll help you stick to your low-sodium diet and help you with muscle building, weight loss, and general well-being.

Remember, these protein powders only supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle. They’re a supplement to whole foods to help you reach your fitness and health goals.

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