Is a Gym Membership Worth It?

Is a Gym Membership Worth It?

A gym membership, depending on the gym location and its facilities, can get a bit expensive. There are usually several membership plans to choose from – daily, monthly, yearly, and even lifetime ones. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight or simply stay healthy and fit, going to the gym is really a great idea.

However, some people think twice about signing up for gym memberships. Especially those who are struggling on a tight budget. A hefty bill for the gym can only cause them more stress than fulfillment since they have other bills on their priority list. This does not make the gym or exercising, in general, less important. The real question now – is it really worth the money? The benefits of cardio are well documented, and not just for losing weight. 

How committed are you to go to the gym regularly?

If you signed up for a year’s worth of gym membership, how often do you think you’d actually go and workout? If you are pretty sure that you will go to the gym more than once or twice every week, then the money spent will be worth it. And the benefits to your health, wellness, looks, and self-image can literally change your life.

Most people who set a weight or fitness goal as a New Year’s Resolution, who have forgotten it by January 15th. However, if you can make a simple lifestyle change and make gym trips part of your routine, then you are setting yourself up for positive life changes!

Can I Afford a Gym Membership?

Many people wonder, “Can I afford a gym membership?” A better question to ask yourself might be, “Can I afford not to make health and fitness a part of my weekly routine?” And the great thing is, if you do make this investment in yourself you will be far ahead of most people in the world. A full 80% of Americans do not get the recommended daily exercise. (1)

Consider a gym membership an investment in your future. If you’re on a tight budget like most people, look for specials in your area. Planet Fitness frequently runs specials like $20 down, and then $10 a month with no commitment. That’s a small price to pay compared to the many benefits that can be realized from regular trips to the gym. (2)

Benefits of Gym Membership

Benefits of a Gym Membership

Most importantly, the benefits of a gym membership are powerful and lasting. In nearly all cases, they are well worth the investment. Even more, many gyms today offer great seasonal deals, so you just have to get in at the right time. Here are some of the benefits you will see if you make a small personal commitment:

  • Lose Weight
  • Improved Physique
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • More Energy
  • Improved Heart Health
  • Improved Cardio
  • Better Skin Complexion

If all of that is not worth $10 a month, then what possibly is?

A Lean Life offers plenty of fitness, nutrition, and wellness tips for you to improve your total self.

And when you do join your local gym, learn when it’s best to do cardio, before or after weights.

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