Healthy Skin at Any Age

How to Have Healthy Skin

With the proper care and attention, you can have healthy skin at any age! It just takes a little effort to form some good habits that will protect and nurture your skin. It is well worth the effort and it is never too late to start. Follow these basics, and at any age you can improve and protect your skin to look your best at any age.

There is an old saying that has never been more true…

“When you’re 20 you get the looks you’re born with…when you’re 50 you get the looks you deserve.”

And how true this is! There are a number of things you can do to make sure you deserve good looks when you hit 50. And remember, it is never too late to start. So even if you have neglected yourself and not done any of the things we recommend, start today and you will thank yourself in 10 years.

6 Habits for Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin TipsHere are just a few of the things that can help you to maintain healthy, vibrant skin for a lifetime. This includes protecting the skin that you have, as well as repairing damage that has already been caused.  Here are the most important factors to maintaining healthy, attractive skin:

  1. Hydration
  2. Sunblock and protection from the sun
  3. Avoid (or quit) cigarette smoking
  4. Go easy on the booze
  5. Skin care creams
  6. Connect with a dermatologist

Hydration is the Key to Elasticity

One of the most important things you can for your skin, facial and otherwise, is to maintain good hydration during the day. Skin that loses hydration becomes weathered and loses elasticity.

So make sure you drink 8-12 glasses of water per day. And it is best to drink and hydrate throughout the day, not 8 glasses in a 2-hour stretch. Try to drink a glass of water each hour, and you’ll stay on track.

Sunblock to Protect Your Skin

Sunblock for Skin HealthNothing can age you like not protecting your skin from the almighty sun. If you are outside a lot for work or play, make sure you wear sunblock each and every day. We recommend Neutrogena daily skincare.  It has SPF of around 15-20, and is a simple and effective way to moisturize your face and protect it from the sun.

If you are going out for an all day event in the sun, like a day of golf or a wine festival, use something a little more heavy duty like Neutrogena sport face SPF 70+. This will completely protect your skin from the sun.

Daily protection from the sun not only will keep your skin looking healthy, but will also substantially reduce the chance of skin cancers.

Cigarette Smoking is Hard On Your Skin

Smoking Effect on SkinWe all know this is bad for you in about every imaginable way, and this includes damage to your facial skin. Smoking dehydrates you, and you can easily tell someone who is a lifetime smoker by looking at them. Their skin will generally have a leather-like appearance.

If you are currently a smoker and stop, yes, your skin will improve. See a dermatologist for additional help…you’ll be glad you did!

Remember this…there is no more efficient and effective way to destroy your health, and destroy your looks, then cigarette smoking.

Excessive Alcohol Use Over Time Will Hurt Your Glow

Same goes for alcohol. It dehydrates you which is hard on your skin over time, so go easy on the bottle. If you know you have an event where alcohol will be on the menu, make sure to hydrate well the day of the event, as well as good hydration the day after to rejuvenate your skin. If you are in recovery and looking for ways to help fuel your body as it heals, NAD therapy can help refresh skin among many other benefits. (1)

Skin Care Creams and Moisturizers are a Must

One of the best things you can do to maintain supple, elastic, and healthy skin is to use daily and nightly skin care moisturizers. The daytime moisturizers will include SPF for protection from the sun. And the nighttime moisturizer will help reduce and eliminate fine lines and keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

This goes for men also! Many men think that facial skin creams are just for women, but this could not be more wrong. Men will benefit as much as women from using daily skin care creams. Here are some popular skincare products to consider. (2)

Get to Know a Dermatologist

Lastly, one of the best things you can do is to make an appointment with a dermatologist, and connect with a professional. This goes for both men and women! 

A doctor can advise you on how to fix past damage, as well as how to protect your skin in the future. An annual check-up with a dermatologist is also very important to check any skin moles that you have that could pose a threat for skin cancer. So make skin care a priority, and you’ll thank yourself later! (3)

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