Hyperextension Bench

Hyperextension Bench

While bridges, knee-to-chest stretches, pelvic tilts, and cat stretches can help prevent and alleviate lower back pain, using more specialized equipment will do the job better and faster.

One such fitness equipment is the Hypertension bench, also commonly known as the Roman chair.

The hyperextension bench is an important piece of gym equipment for lower back health. And hyperextensions are one of the very best exercises to strengthen your lower back, and also protect it from injury.

So to perform hyperextensions safely and correctly, you want a simple and solid bench to get the job done. Time spent doing this exercise will not be wasted. If you perform hypers a few days a week, you’ll substantially reduce your risk of back injury.

What to Look For in a Hyperextension Bench

There are some key considerations when shopping for a great hyperextension bench. Here are some key things to consider:


Price is always a key factor for the wise online shopper. There are many options for this type of bench. But many are vastly overpriced for what you need. You just want to perform hypers on a machine that is safe, effective, and durable. There is no reason to purchase a Ferrari if the Ford or Chevy is every bit as good! 


This is important as you want your purchase to last more than a few months. So make sure to do your research and only consider a hyperextension bench that is well-built with an excellent reputation.

Function / Stability

You want to make sure that your hyperextension bench is stable and solid enough to maintain your footing in the bench.

Strong and Sturdy Construction

 As a safety priority, you want to look for a roman chair that is strongly built and stable, particularly one whose frame is made from heavy-duty steel. A flimsy bench will wobble during the workout, and two things are certain to happen- 1) falling down and hurting yourself, 2) not reaching your optimal workout goals. As you can tell, you have more to lose by opting for a poor-quality machine.


Like with every other gym equipment, comfort is key. What we’ve found to be a determining factor in how much a machine is comfortable is the padding. For the hypertension bench, especially, padding to rest your hips, stomach, and calves is important. Of course, you also want thicker foam rollers to ease pressure on your heels. Remember that the thicker the padding, the more comfortable the roman chair.

Ease of Assembly 

Nearly all hypertension benches will require you to assemble before use. You, therefore, need to confirm that assembly won’t drain you to your last drop of energy, or worse, require you to purchase new tools. If you can, read the manual beforehand. The manual should be straightforward and easy to understand and guide you on what tools you will need.


Another important feature is the ability to adjust the chair’s height. The height and the length should be fully adjustable to suit both tall and short users. Also, the stomach pad and the ankle rollers should be adjustable to allow you the flexibility of varying exercise positions.

Gapping On The Stomach Pads

Look for a back extension chair with a gap in between the hip pad. This is particularly for male users who need ample space for their pelvic area to rest on while working out. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

This is often an overlooked factor, but the chair must be easy to clean and maintain. Most models have a frame that is easy to wipe down, and some come with removable covers for ease of cleaning.

Our Recommendation for a Hyperextension Bench

When it comes to top value for a hyperextension, we recommend the Hyperextension Roman Chair with Dip Station from Sunny Health & Fitness. It is very affordable at $179.99, with a $20 discount. 

In this guide, we will discuss at length what a hypertension bench is and its benefits. We will also run through the basic factors to look out for when buying a hypertension bench, and lastly, we will share our thoughts on the best extension benches in the market currently. 

What is a hyperextension bench?

A hypertension bench, also known as a Roman chair, is a piece of workout equipment that looks like a bench but a lot more complex. It is used in strengthening the lower back. It’s ideal for users with a weak lower back provided it’s not out of injury or other underlying medical conditions.

 A hypertension bench is available in two variants- a 45-degree hypertension bench and a 90-degree hypertension bench. Even though they both technically yield the same results, the latter is for intermediate to advanced users while the 45 degree is for beginners. The difference between the two is in the level of resistance. The 90-degree bench has increased resistance.

A hypertension bench allows you to tone and build strength in your lower back, glutes, hamstring, and abdominals. Benefits include an improved posture, reduced back pains, and strong core muscles. 

What to look for when buying a hypertension bench

There are many back extension benches out there, and all vary in features and price. Be extra careful when choosing one, avoid cheap machines as they are most certainly of poor quality.

Here are some important things to look out for when buying a hypertension roman chair:

Best Hypertension Benches

Sunny Health & Fitness 45-Degree Roman Chair 

Sunny Health and Fitness is a well-known brand with a solid reputation for providing affordable home gym equipment. This sleek, sturdy, and compact 45-degree hypertension roman is one of their many popular fitness products. With a foldable design that makes it portable and easy to store, you can count on this roman chair to strengthen your lower back, glutes, and hips.

While the chair looks rather basic, the comfort is unmatched. The hip pad support is made of high-density foam padding to guarantee you maximum comfort.

We particularly loved the nonslip handlebars. They help maintain a solid grip when working out, which is important in keeping you safe and stable. We also love that you can add a dip station to it for upper body exercises. 

Even though it comes with a low maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs, you can adjust the height to what suits you the most using the easy-to-use lever system on the chair.

Assembly is pretty easy, but you must have the patience to tighten everything securely. Otherwise, the chair will keep shifting as you work out. The setup instructions are pretty clear and straightforward.


Compact, stable, and lightweight

Easy to customize the height

Nonslip handles for solid grip throughout the workout

Foldable design for convenient storage


Has a low maximum weight capacity

Finer Form Roman Chair and Hypertension Bench

The Finer Form Roman Chair is not technically a hypertension bench but more a multifunctional exercise chair. It offers plenty of positions, especially since it’s adjustable. You can target different major areas of your body like the back, glutes, chest, hamstrings, abs, and core muscles.

The bench is lightweight but strongly built, and you can rest assured that there is no chance of wobbling or shaking when training. As long as you assemble it properly, we don’t foresee any problems with the chair.

We were pretty impressed with how much weight the chair could support—up to 660 pounds of static weight and up to 400 pounds of dynamic weight. The triangular-shaped steel tubes help support the frame to take up all that much extra weight without caving in. 


Purchase comes with a digital workout chart

Plenty of workout positions because of the different height settings

Can accommodate a lot of weight

Easy to assemble


Wide base hence requiring more storage space

Marcy Hyperextension Roman Chair

The Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair is another popular hypertension bench for its simplicity, reliability, and sturdiness.

Measuring 43.5 inches by 37.5 inches by 27.5 inches, this roman chair is compact enough for easy storage. It doesn’t take up much ground space either.

The hypertension bench is made of heavy-duty tubing to guarantee you years of consistent use. It can take in a weight of up to 308 lbs without swaying. And with the vinyl-made upholstery, you can be sure of being comfortable and staying secure throughout the workout.

We think this is one great quality piece of equipment for home use, given it is insanely affordable and does the job pretty well.


Easy to assemble

Comfortable foam padding

Lightweight and compact for easy storage


Because there is no gapping at the lying station to rest the pelvic area, it may be uncomfortable for male users.


Are hypertension roman chairs worth it? 


They are one of the few home gym equipment that focuses solely on the lower back. They are particularly helpful to people with lower back issues and those who want to prevent spine and back-related problems or have better posture.

Key things to look out for when choosing a roman chair are adjustability, comfort, construction, and stability. If you are unsure what to pick, we’d suggest the Finer Form Roman Chair and Hypertension Bench because it’s multifunctional and offers more value for money.

If money is tight or you are not keen on splurging on one, we’d suggest the Sunny Health & Fitness 45-Degree Roman Chair. It’s fairly priced and performs just as well.

My Experience With Hyperextensions

I learned from personal experience the power of performing hyperextensions. I suffered several back injuries in the Army, and one significant lower back injury in my early 40’s as a regular Joe.

My ortho introduced me to several exercises to heal my lower back, and more importantly, to protect it in the future.

One of these exercises was the hyperextension. And he advised that a key step to strengthen the lower back was to hold the up and down positions for 3 seconds each.

Click to learn more about hyperextension exercise, and to see this exercise with the 3 second hold in the up and down positions.

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