Lower Chest Workout at Home

Lower Chest Workout at Home

Is a lower chest workout at home really possible? Or do you need a gym to make that happen?

Like most people, you’re probably familiar with the classic lower chest exercises: decline bench press, high cable crossover fly, and chest dip.

But what if you’re exercising at home? Would it be possible to target the lower chest area even if you don’t have any equipment?

Fortunately, yes, but you will need the right exercises.

Read on to learn about the exercises and how to combine them in a great lower chest workout at home.

5 Excellent Lower Chest Exercises You Can Do At Home

1. Incline Push-up

The incline push-up is one of the simplest and most practical exercises you can do at home to build a solid lower chest.

All you have to do is find a sturdy object to place your hands on. For example, you can start on the kitchen counter and move to a chair when you build strength.

A low bench or table will do just fine, and just make sure it’s solid and sturdy to support your weight.

Incline Push-ups

2. Incline Push-up With Rotation

The incline push-up with rotation is almost the same, apart from one difference. Instead of keeping your chest square, you rotate one side as you lower yourself to the elevated object.

For example, you lower yourself, bringing your right shoulder in. On the next rep, rotate your left shoulder inward and keep alternating. Doing so can stretch your pectorals slightly better.

Incline Push-up With Rotation

3. Pseudo Push-up

Pseudo push-ups are an advanced variation of the classic exercise, where your shoulder blades are in front of your hands.

When doing the exercise, your hands should be rotated externally (fingertips pointing to your sides) and positioned to the sides of your mid-stomach.

Pseudo Push-Up

4. Front Dip

Front dips are another advanced exercise to strengthen the lower chest. The movement is traditionally done on a straight bar, but you can also do these on a sturdy table, desk, or even two chairs as shown below.

Just be careful, and make sure to have:

  • Strong chairs that can support your weight
  • A very strong grip
  • Use a very slow and controlled motion to ensure the chairs do not rock or move

What Muscles Do Dips Work

5. Close-Stance Push-Up

The close-stance push-up emphasizes the triceps but can also develop the lower chest.

Specifically, it would be best to rotate your hands externally, similar to a pseudo push-up. Doing so can lead to better chest engagement. (1)

Close-grip Push-ups

Lower Chest Workout at Home

A few notes:

  1. RIR stands for reps in reserve. We recommend doing each set until you have the listed reps in reserve. For example, when doing front dips, train until you feel like you can do two more reps before you reach failure.
  2. Your rest periods are subject to change and largely depend on perceived fatigue. For example, if front dips are incredibly tough and you can only do 4-6 reps per set, feel free to rest longer than three minutes. In contrast, if they are too easy and you do 20+ reps per set, rest for only two minutes.

Safety And Final Considerations

Regardless of your workout approach, duration, or intensity, always take the time to warm up well before training. (2)

Start with some light cardio (e.g., jumping jacks, high knees, etc.) to raise your core body temperature, proceed to some dynamic stretching (e.g., arm circles), and finish warming up with some light push-ups.

Also, listen to your body and stop doing an exercise if it causes you pain or discomfort.

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