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Most people rarely consume enough fruits and veggies in their daily meals. Even with the best intentions, eating the recommended amount every day is hard. Despite knowing how beneficial these foods are for our health, finding the time in our busy lives is still a challenge.

That’s why supplements exist. They contain a concentration of different fruits and vegetables that can help you bridge the gap. Two names that have built a reputation in the supplement industry are Luley Care and Juice Plus.

Both of these products provide enough vitamins to help boost your nutrient intake. But how do they compare? Read on to find out more about Luley Care vs. Juice Plus.

Luley Care

Luley Care

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Vitamins & Minerals


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Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+

Pricing & Availability

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What Is Luley Care and Juice Plus?

Luley Care and Juice Plus are dietary supplements from natural fruits and vegetables. They contain concentrated extracts from various fruits and veggies that are grounded and packed in capsules.

They aim to complement your diet and help you meet your daily nutritional needs. Simply put, they do not replace whole foods but supplement them.

So, what is the purpose of such supplements? Well, you can only eat small amounts of fruits and vegetables daily since they contain water that renders you full after a few bites. So, the idea is to dehydrate various ingredients through a sparing process; then condense them inside capsules while still rich in nutrients.

With just a single capsule, you save time and energy while maintaining healthy levels of vitamins.

Quick Side By Side Comparison

CompanyLuley CareJuice Plus
Product NameFruit & VeggiesFruit and Vegetable Blend Capsules
Single Order Size60 capsules per bottle120 capsules per bottle - 2 bottles Vegetable Blend, 2 bottles Fruit Blend
Serving Size2 capsules4 capsules - 2 Fruit, 2 Veggies
Single Order Price$45.95 + $6.95 shipping fee$216.00
Single Order LastsOne month4 months (4-month supply)
Price Per Month$45.95 + $6.95 shipping fee$54.00
Monthly Plan30 days4 months
Free ShippingFor orders above $120Yes
First Order DiscountN/AN/A
Money-back Guarantee30-day money-back guaranteeNo - but cancel anytime
Number of Whole Fruits411
Number of Whole Vegetables612
Vegan FriendlyYesYes
Added SugarNoNo
Chew or SwallowSwallowAvailable both

Luley Care Vs. Juice Plus

  • Pricing and Availability
  • Nutritional Value Vitamins and Minerals
  • Ingredients
  • Customer Experience

Pricing and Availability:

It’s worth mentioning these two fruit, and veggie supplements are available via the official website. However, you can only find Juice Plus on Amazon.

Luley Care

Luley Care offers three buying options:

  • One 60-capsule battle goes for $45.95 + $6.95 shipping fee (One month supply)
  • Three 180-capsule battles cost $120.00 with free shipping (three months supply)
  • Six 360-capsule battles cost $210.00 with free shipping (six months supply)

Juice Plus

Juice Plus offers two payment models. The first is a single payment method worth four months’ supply.

The second is a locked monthly subscription paid for four months. It also offers three different blends of veggies, berries, and fruits.

  • Four 240-capsule bottles of fruit and veggies blend cost $54.00 (One month’s supply paid for four months)
  • Four months’ supply of the same paid ones goes for $216.00
  • Two 120-capsule bottles of berry blend worth $27.00 (one month’s supply paid for four months)
  • Four months’ supply of the same paid ones goes for $180.00
  • Six 720-capsule bottles of veggies, berries, and fruits going for $80 (one month’s supply paid for four months)
  • Four months’ supply of the same paid ones cost $320

Juice Plus also offers chewable and snack bars in place of capsules. They also have shakes.

Winner: Luley Care

Luley Care wins in the price comparison. It is cheaper than Juice Plus in both single and multiple month supply. Plus, it doesn’t lock you into a subscription.

That means you can buy it once and enjoy the 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it.

Nutritional Value (Vitamins and Minerals):

Luley Care vs Juice Plus VitaminsNow let’s see how the two compare on the nutritional value front.

Luley Care

Each Luley Care serving contains 600mg of different fruits, veggies, and fiber blended and packaged in capsules. It has various essential vitamins. Each container comes with 60 capsules taken in two per-day doses.

The main disadvantage of Luley Care is that the brand doesn’t disclose the nutrient per serving and their quantities.

Juice Plus

One daily serving of each Juice Plus blend contains an average of 4.9g of four essential nutrients. They are:

  • Vitamin C. 170% daily intake
  • Vitamin E. 120% daily intake
  • Vitamin A. 160% daily intake
  • Vitamin B9 (folate). 80% daily intake

You also get 1 gram of fiber from every serving of each blend and 5mg sodium.

Winner: Juice Plus

Juice Plus wins for transparency and dense nutrient content. While many fruits and vegetables mean swallowing six capsules daily, it also means more essential nutrients for your body.


Next, let’s analyze the ingredient composition of these two brands.

Luley Care

Luley Care contains ten fruits, vegetables, and fibers blended in a single capsule. They include:

Luck Fruit and Veggies
Apple fiberBeetroot
Strawberry fruitTomato extract
Raspberry juice powderGerlic
Red bell pepperCarrot root

The supplement has no fillers, added sugar, or synthetics. It’s also gluten-free, non-FMO, and vegan-friendly.

Juice Plus

Unlike Luley Care, Juice Plus has separate bottles containing capsules for each blend. The berry blend has 12 fruits with an additional plant-based vitamin. The vegetable blend contains 13 vegetables with a plant-based vitamin. Finally, the fruit blend contains 11 fruits with an added plant-based vitamin.

Below is a list of the key ingredients in each blend.

Berry Blend
Concord Grape Cranberry
Blueberry Blackberry
Black Currant Raspberry
Bilberry Elderberry
Pomegranate Acerola Cherry
Cocoa Artichoke
Vegetable Blend
Acerola CherryKale
BeetLemon Peel
CabbageRice Bran
Fruit Blend
Acerola CherryMango
Lemon Peel

Most of its products have no additives apart from shakes that contain a thickening agent. They are also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Winner: Juice Plus

Juice Plus offers a dense ingredient profile and variety in its blends. That helps you consume more fruits and vegetables without purchasing them individually.

Customer Experience:

It’s always advisable to find out what other users say about it before buying. It helps avoid the guesswork and wasting money on something you wouldn’t like.

We scrolled through dozens of reviews on Luley Care and Juice Plus from different sources. Here is what we found out:

Luley Care

Luley Care has a few customer reviews on its main website. They all give it a 5/5 star rating and are generally positive.

One user called Julie wrote, “I decided to switch to LuleyCare for quality of product, and I didn’t have to lock into monthly payments. Very satisfied with your service!”

Another one called Cindy S wrote, “It’s good. I keep telling others about it, and they have been ordering. It does work. My husband and I went on a trip with others. Everyone else came down sick, and I did not, although I’m usually the one who does.”

Unfortunately, there weren’t customer reviews from independent platforms.

Juice Plus

The brand does not have any reviews on its website. But there are many comments on independent sites such as Amazon and Trustpilot. (1)

On Amazon, the fruit and veggies blend has an average of 4.4/5 star rating from over 82 customer reviews. 87% of them give it four stars and above. That means most users were satisfied with the product.

One user said, “Been taking two vegetable and 2-fruit capsules daily for about 3 or 4 weeks. Overall I feel slightly better, but think it’s too early to tell.” Another satisfied one wrote, “I’m a huge fan of Juice Plus – highly recommend.”

On Trustpilot, Juice Plus has an average of 3.8/5 star rating from over 2400 customer reviews. 72% of them give it four stars and above.

One customer wrote, “I have been taking Juice Plus+ for almost 19 years. It has transformed my health. I started taking it only because my wife told me I needed more fruits and vegetables.

I noticed after two weeks a reduction in the inflammation of my joints. Later my seasonal allergies were significantly improved and helped optimize my health over the years.”

Another one, Terri Gibbons, said, “I have been doing Juice Plus since March. I was only going to stay on it until I went away! However, six months down the line, I’m still going.

My rep “Jemma Jackson” is terrific, always on hand to help when needed, and gives you that boost when you go off track. Recommend”

We also saw negative comments about the price and delayed response. But the company reached out and offered to resolve their issues.

Winner: Juice Plus

Both Luley Care and Juice Plus have positive feedback from customers. But Juice Plus has more customer reviews, which gives us better insight.

It’s also worth mentioning that Luley Care is relatively new in the market. That could explain why there is little customer feedback. However, we still think Juice Plus has the edge in this one.

Final Verdict

Both Luley Care and Juice Plus offer nutritious blends that can help increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Depending on your needs, one might be more suitable for you than the other.

But if we had to pick a winner, it would have to be Juice Plus. The product offers more of everything despite being on the higher side in price.

Remember to talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements. That way, you can make sure whatever product you choose is safe and won’t interfere with any medications you’re already taking. Also, these supplements do not seek to replace whole fruits and vegetables. (2)

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