Top 5 Smart Foods for College Students

Top 5 Smart Foods

Here are the top 5 smart foods for college students. Why eat them? Well we all know that eating healthy is smart, and eating right can maybe even make you as smart as a college student! This means that consuming the proper diet gives your brain vital nutritional support for the highest performance. You are expected to perform your best as a college student, but this is challenging without a proper diet.

College life can be challenging, and mentally draining. Reading different books, preparing for the different lectures, and taking exams takes a lot of brainpower! So smart foods need to be eaten on a daily basis. Here are the top 5 smart foods for college students.

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Vegetables of All Colors

Vegetables are highly associated with better health and the promotion of overall brain function. The red, green, and orange vegetables include carrots, broccoli, and peppers. These foods contain carotenoid pigments that are essential for brain performance. The elements found in the carotenoid like lutein and zeaxanthin lead to macular pigment optical density. (1)

Students with higher consumption of these elements have better brain function and intellectual capabilities than those with lower consumption. The vegetables rich in lutein elements include kale, spinach, basil, leeks, and peas. You just can’t go wrong with a steady diet of these powerful veggies.

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What to do if there is not enough time for proper nutrition?

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Proper nutrition is essential for the brain’s functioning. And without that healthy fuel, it’s challenging to perform at your highest level. But not every student can afford to get smart food, or at least that’s many college students’ perception.

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Berries Are a Terrific College Snack

Berries, no matter which variety, are among the best smart foods that contain elements like anthocyanins. These compounds help promote academic performance and protect the health of the college student. There are various berries, including strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. And these are definitely a top 5 smart food for college students.

The flavonoid compounds improve blood flow to the brain. They protect the brain from inflammation, and improve other signal pathways. This in turn stimulates nerve cell production. All of these processes promote effective brain performance, as well as the cellular process essential in learning and memory functions.

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Citrus Fruits for College Success

Most citrus fruits are very nutritious and have been linked to several health benefits. Grapefruit is a perfect example of smart food. Citrus fruits are very rich in flavonoid elements, including naringin, quercetin, rutin, and hesperidin. These nutrients are essential in promoting learning and the development of brainpower. (4)

Brainpower is needed for concentration in class, as most of the key learning happens in class. Drinking citrus fruits juice is a perfect diet for the brain development process when paired with a source of protein and healthy fat.

Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Products

Is Dark Chocolate Healthy?Cocoa has the highest flavonoid content by weight than most of the foodstuffs. As a result, most cocoa products like dark chocolates are perfect examples of smart foods. The flavonoid components in cocoa products are essential for the brain development processes. (5)

That’s why students are advised to make chocolate bars their go-to study snacks. But they need to be healthy chocolate bars. The sugar content in the chocolate will energize you, but you don’t want a full-sugar chocolate bar! Look for sugar content between 5g and 20g. 

Studies show that dark chocolate reduces blood pressure and increases blood supply to the brain. As a result, nutrients and oxygens are supplied to the brain, increasing the brain’s power to function effectively. 

Whole Grains – Always a Top 5 College Food

Studying sometimes can take an extended period when dealing with complex subjects and projects that require a lot of concentration. That’s why you need smart foods that take time to digest as a student. Whole grains are perfect examples of foods that promote the wellness of students. These foods contain complex carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index.

That means that they digest slowly compared to all other kinds of foods releasing glucose for the respiration process. Consequently, energy will be produced for a long time, which is vital for long tests and extended study sessions. The fiber contents in this diet keep the cholesterol levels in the blood low, enhancing blood circulation in the body.

Conclusion on Top Smart Foods

Smart foods are essential for the brain development of students. Students should include these foods in their diet for memory improvement and nutrition value to the body as often as possible. 

As a result, college students will find it easy to spend hours for personal studies, do assignments with ease, and stay comfortable during long class hours. The above top 5 smart foods for college students are the best healthy foods to perform better and be at your best!

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