Arm Workout With Dumbbells at Home

Arm Workout With Dumbbells at HomeIf you’re looking for a simple, quick, and incredibly effective arm workout with dumbbells at home, then look no further.

Today, we’ll go over everything you’ll need, how to go about it safely, and what exercises you should do for excellent arm growth and angular, lean arms.

Let’s dive in!

First, Warm-Up Properly

Warming up is incredibly important because it: 

  • Prepares the body for the workout
  • Gets us in the mood for exercise
  • Boosts your motivation
  • Improves our performance
  • Decreases the risk of getting injured

To warm-up properly, you should do some light cardio to get the blood flowing, raise your core body temperature, and get your muscles warm.

Some simple 2-minute warm-up includes: 

  • Jogging in place
  • Hopping in place
  • Jumping rope
  • Dynamic movements like shoulder, elbow, and wrist rotations

The Dumbbells You Will Need

Prevailing wisdom suggests that we need a fully-stocked gym and a full dumbbell rack that takes up an entire room. But, as you’ll see in a moment, you can have an arm workout with dumbbells at home with the most basic of equipment, and just a few dumbbells that won’t clutter your home.

It’s best to have three pairs of dumbbells, based on your current fitness and strength level. Here are some guidelines:

One light set of dumbbells, one medium set of dumbbells, one heavy set of dumbbells – based on your fitness level and strength:

  • Beginner dumbbells: a pair of 5, 10 and 15-pound dumbbells
  • Intermediate dumbbells: a pair of 10, 15 and 20-pound dumbbells
  • Advanced dumbbells: a pair of 15, 20 and 30-pound dumbbells

Three pairs are all you need – you can store them in your closet or under your bed. Before getting into the home dumbbell arm workout, a few words on safety.

Some Safety Rules

  1. The most important safety tip is to avoid lifting dumbbells that are too heavy. That only increases your risk of getting injured and decreases muscle activation.
  2. So, never jerk the weights or slouch forward to perform a curl. Maintain full control of the weight and maintain good posture. Your knees should be bent slightly for balance.
  3. Make sure to lift the heavy dumbbells while your muscles are fresh (i.e., at the start of the workout). You should feel solid resistance when lifting the heavy dumbbells, but not too much that you can barely do a few curls. You should still be able to do at least 8 to 12 curls.
  4. Finally, and this is mostly for the equipment, be careful when placing the dumbbells on the floor as they can scratch or damage delicate surfaces.

Arm Dumbbell Workout at Home

These are among the simplest to learn and the most effective exercises you should incorporate into your home arm workout with dumbbells. 

Do all 3 dumbbell exercises below, with 2-3 minutes rest between each exercise.

Standing Dumbbell Curls

Three sets (one set with each dumbbell – heavy, medium, and light) – 6 to 15 reps per set

a) Start by grabbing both dumbbells and position them to point forward at the start of the exercise from the standing position. Your arms will be extended with the dumbbells at your side.

b) Begin by curling on dumbbell by bending your elbows and simultaneously rotate them to a horizontal position at the top.

c) From the top position, hold for a moment and lower the dumbbell as you rotate it to the initial position.

d) Now alternate and curl the other arm.

Standing Hammer Curls

Two sets (one set with medium dumbbells and one with the light ones) – 6 to 12 reps per set

a) Grab both dumbbells to your sides and position them to point forward, from the standing position.

b) From there, curl one dumbbell up without changing the direction in which they point. So you will not rotate your wrist and forearm.

c) Hold the top position and lower the dumbbell to the starting position.

d) Now curl the other arm in the same way.

NOTE: The main difference with Hammer Curls is that you do not rotate your forearm/wrist. 

Seated Dumbbell Curls

One set with the light dumbbells – aim for 6 to 12 repetitions

a) Sit in a slightly declined chair with a dumbbell in each hand, positioned to point forward.

b) Curl one dumbbell up and don’t rotate the dumbbell. 

c) At the top position, the dumbbell should be facing the same way as they did at the start, and pointed up the the ceiling.

d) Lower to the starting position and repeat with the other arm.

Each of the three exercises works the bicep slightly differently, and each is important for their optimal development. For example, the hammer curl also involves the forearm, while the seated curl works the bicep from a different angle.

These are all you need for an effective arm workout with dumbbells at home.

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