Triceps Workout at Home Without Equipment

Triceps Workout at Home Without Equipment

Are you looking for an effective triceps workout at home without equipment? Maybe you’ve stumbled across some arm exercises, but can’t seem to put them into an effective workout?

In any case, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll go over what makes a tricep workout effective and how you can grow your arms at home.

Triceps Workout At Home Without Equipment

Triceps Workout at Home

Tricep Push up25-15
Tricep Dips2-36-12
Tricep Push Up from Knees25-10
Tricep Extensions2-36-15

Tricep Push Ups (Diamond Push Ups)

Tricep Push Up

This is a variation of the classic push up where you have to keep your hands closer together, which emphasizes and engages your triceps. This is a tough exercise, and requires strength and practice!

They are also called diamond push ups, as the ideal position is having your hands in the shape of a diamond (see image below). The only issue is the hand position can put some strain on your elbows and wrists, so ease into this exercise.

Diamond Push Up Hand Position

If you don’t yet have the strength to do these (they are hard!), you can start with the easier incline tricep push-up. Place your hands close together on a bench, table, or countertop and do the movement. The more upright your body is, the less weight you have to lift, making it easier to do.

Another variation is to keep your hands slightly further apart. So instead of a diamond shape with your hands, they are further apart (but still shaped like a diamond). 

As you build tricep strength, you can make your body more horizontal. For instance, start with countertop diamond push-ups and gradually move down until you’re doing them on the floor. At some point, you can even start doing the decline version where your feet – not your arms – are on an elevated surface.

The tricep push-up is especially effective at working the lateral head of the 3-headed tricep muscle:

Muscles Worked Doing Diamond Push Ups

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Tricep Dips (Bench Dips)

Tricep Bench Dips

Tricep dips (also called bench dips) are a top bodyweight exercise to work your triceps at home. You can do these on a chair, couch, table, and even the floor if you have nothing else.

For additional resistance, you can elevate your feet on an adjacent table or bench (as shown). But keep keeping your feet on the floor works just as well, and will be a great tricep workout.

Make sure the bench, table, or chair is completely solid and can support your weight.

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Home Tricep Workout at Home Without Equipment

Tricep Push Ups from Knees

Diamond Push Ups from Knee

Much like the standard tricep push up above, except from the knees.

This makes the push up much easier, and still works the outside head of the 3-headed tricep muscle.

You can also do these on a bench, low table, or even your kitchen counter. The more vertical you get in your set-up, the easier they become.

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Overhead Tricep Extensions

Tricep Dumbbell Extensions

Your best option is to do these with dumbbells, but you can use any heavy object at home – books, a jug of water, or something else. You can even use exercise bands here.

Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep Dumbbell Kickback

Dumbbells are your best option here, too. You can adjust the resistance, they are comfortable to use, and you don’t have to worry about the grip. But if you don’t have dumbbells on hand, you can use resistance bands or heavy objects, similar to the other movement.

Dumbbells and Equipment Not Required for Home Tricep Workout

If you don’t have any dumbbells or heavy objects, you can still have a great tricep workout with #1, #2, and #3 above.

Exercises #4 and #5 can also be done very effectively, you just need to find some objects around your home that are heavy (3 to 10 pounds), and have a decent way to grip them.

Supersets also work well. For instance, you can do diamond push-ups and immediately jump to bench dips or another tricep variation.

Two Interesting Facts And Two Important Considerations

Now that we’ve gone over the triceps workout at home without equipment, let’s take a look at a few final things:

  1. Many people overlook their triceps when it comes to arm training, but this muscle group makes up roughly ⅔ of the upper arm. The much-desired bicep only makes up a third of the volume. (1)
  2. Although the tricep makes a larger percentage of the upper arm, it’s still better to approach training the two muscle groups in a balanced manner. Do as much work for your triceps as you do for your biceps. This will help develop both muscle groups evenly.
  3. A proper warm-up is always a must. Though it may not seem as important (After all, it’s only one small muscle group, right?), taking the time to get your core body temperature up and prepare your shoulders and elbows will help keep you safe and ache-free. (2)
  4. Good hydration is vital for your health and optimal performance. If you work out frequently and do lots of resistance training, you need to drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after each session. This will help keep your muscles hydrated and working at peak efficiency. (3)

Here are some additional home workouts to round out your home workout plan:

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