Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes

Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes have grown in popularity as a viable alternative, especially for people with a busy schedule who can’t always sit down for a proper meal. 

Today, we’ll explore the unique benefits of meal replacement shakes, the best time of day to have one, and who might not benefit from them.

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5 Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes

1. Great When You’re On the Go

The most obvious benefit of meal replacement shakes is that they are easy to prepare and consume, making them perfect for the go. 

Instead of setting aside an hour or longer to cook and clean up or relying on takeout (which is costly and not always the healthiest), you can prepare a shake in five minutes and have it immediately or enjoy it later.

2. Good Way to Save Calories & Lose Weight

Replacing one meal with a meal replacement shake is an effective way to reduce your calorie intake and lose weight. 

For example, suppose your typical breakfast is 600 calories, but your meal replacement shake is 300. In that case, you can more easily create a calorie deficit for weight loss without changing much else about your diet.

Plus, you would still feel full, given that a quality meal replacement shake has protein and fiber––both nutrients that help with satiety.

3. Good Nutritional Profile

Though not always the case (it’s best to double-check the nutritional label before purchasing), meal replacement shakes are formulated to provide enough carbs, proteins, and healthy fats, along with vitamins and minerals––all the nutrients your body needs.

4. Affordable (If You Shop Smart)

Meal replacement shakes provide an excellent balance between affordability and good nutrition

Given the value, they are more affordable per serving than whole food, which means replacing a meal every day can help you save some money in the long run.

5. Great On a Tight Schedule

Last but not least, meal replacement shakes are perfect for people on a tight schedule. If you often don’t have the time to sit down for a proper meal, you can prepare a quick shake and enjoy it on the go.

For example, my daughter works at a salon and often doesn’t have time between clients to eat lunch. So, a meal replacement shake works great for her because it provides nutrients and energy.

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What’s the Best Time of Day to Take One?

From a fitness and health standpoint, it doesn’t matter––morning, noon, afternoon, or dinner, enjoy a meal replacement shake to reap the benefits.

The only thing worth considering is convenience. 

If it makes sense to have it in the morning because you’re always rushing for work, by all means, drink it then. If it’s at noon because the alternative is fast food, have it then. 

Who Should Not Drink Meal Replacement Shakes?

There are plenty of benefits of meal replacement shakes with little to no drawbacks. The only people who should be careful with such products are pregnant women (to keep nutrient intake in check) and folks with specific food allergies or sensitivities. If you fall in either category, carefully read the ingredient list before buying.

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